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Craft. Trade. Forte.

Métier Wines honors the hands that work in the vineyards and cellar, striving to capture the essence of the remarkable Columbia Valley in every bottle. We meticulously craft each wine, paying homage to the dedication, expertise, effort, and artistry that goes into the winemaking process, from grape to glass.

Metier Blue BG

Nestled in the sun-soaked Columbia Valley of Washington State, Métier celebrates the extraordinary terroir of the region.

Here, amidst the dramatic swings in temperature from day to night, a natural phenomenon called diurnal shift creates the perfect environment for cultivating exceptional wine grapes. This unique interplay of cool nights and intense sunny days bestows our wines with a balance of acidity and vibrant fruit flavors.

Columbia Valley

Discover Columbia Valley

Named after the largest river in the Pacific Northwest and totaling over 11 million acres, the Columbia Valley encompasses more than a quarter of the state and is home to over 99% of Washington’s wine grapes. The size and heterogeneity of its landscape allows for a remarkable diversity of world-class wine.


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