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Métier Assets

The sun-soaked Columbia Valley of Washington State provides ideal growing conditions, with dramatic swings in temperature from day to night. This natural phenomenon, known as diurnal shift, offers cool nights that conserve acidity,
and intense sunny days that infuse bold, ripe fruit flavors.

Métier translates as craft, trade or forte. DeLille Cellars engaged a local Seattle artist, Becca Fuhrman, to create art that celebrated the undeniable human presence in winemaking. Each label’s design acknowledges the very best of the hands that diligently work the vineyards and the cellar. The sun and moon iconography tie in the connection to the land and the concept of diurnal shift. Métier was designed to spread awareness about Washington State’s Columbia Valley.

DeLille Cellars, makers of Métier, is regarded as a top Bordeaux-inspired producer in Washington state, showcasing a tradition of quality and excellence over its 30-year history.